Database of websites

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We permanently crawl the Web with high speed for our database of international websites, which has grown to ca. 500 million rows.

Our search engine has a selection of ca. 200 million international websites and has a selection of ca. 8 million German websites.

You can purchase selections from this database or do them for free on the search engines. The following selection criteria are available and can be combined:

  • Domain name
  • IP Address
  • Language
  • Title of the home page
  • Meta keywords of the home page
  • Number of URLs
  • Number of linking domains
  • Number of linked domains
  • Links from or to certain websites
  • Data from the Imprint Crawler (for German websites)
    • 3,4 Mio zip codes
    • 2,9 Mio addresses
    • 2,4 Mio phone numbers
    • 2,1 Mio names (company or person)
    • 1,5 Mio Fax numbers
    • 1,0 Mio VAT IDs
    • 0,3 Mio trade register numbers

The price depends on the filter criteria and the selected criteria. Ask us for a quote.

Reverse Lookup (find German websites for a company/name/etc.)

You can search German websites for Name / Name+ZIP / Phone+ZIP / Fax+ZIP / Register number + court / VAT ID in our database via an API or by sending us a file. We only bill lookups where matches are actually found. Test our service with the following form.

Results are sorted by descending relevance. If you search the primary website of a company, chances are best if you use the first match.

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Register court:
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