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We permanently crawl the Web with high speed for our database of international websites, which has grown to ca. 1 billion rows.

Our search engine has a selection of ca. 200 million international websites and has a selection of ca. 9 million German websites.

You can purchase selections from this database or do them for free on the search engines. The following selection criteria are available and can be combined:

  • Domain name
  • IP Address
  • Language
  • Title of the home page
  • Meta keywords of the home page
  • Number of URLs
  • Number of linking domains
  • Number of linked domains
  • Links from or to certain websites
  • Data from the Imprint Crawler (for German websites)
    • 3,2 Mio zip codes
    • 2,8 Mio addresses
    • 2,3 Mio phone numbers
    • 2,0 Mio names (company or person)
    • 1,4 Mio Fax numbers
    • 1,0 Mio VAT IDs
    • 0,3 Mio trade register numbers

The price depends on the filter criteria and the selected criteria. Ask us for a quote.

Reverse Lookup (find German websites for a company/name/etc.)

You can search German websites for Name / Name+ZIP / Phone+ZIP / Fax+ZIP / Register number + court / VAT ID in our database via an API or by sending us a file. We only bill lookups where matches are actually found. Test our service with the following form. The address field is optional and will lead to matches with differing address being filtered out.

Results are sorted by descending relevance. If you search the primary website of a company, chances are best if you use the first match.

Register number, e.g. HRB 142452:
Register court:
Search only for company/name if required?
Allow nonexact matches for company/name?
Security check:

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