The World Wide Web is a decentral network of human-readable documents connected with links.

The Semantic Web is a decentral network of machine-readable data referring to each other.

It enables machine-readable statements about arbitrary real and abstract things. You can draw from a wide repertoir of established terms (ontologies) or create new terms reusable by others.

netEstate specializes in semantic technologies.


We have developed a software for facetted full text search in Semantic Web databases. Our facetted search in Wikipedia – which used to live on the domain – was a reference implementation using DBpedia – the machine readable version of Wikipedia.

Our FOAF search engine searches the Semantic Web for persons. For this, we search for documents using terms from the FOAF-ontology (FOAF stands for “Friend of a Friend”). This ontology can be used to describe persons, organizations and their connections – effectively building a decentralized social network. This project used to live on the domain

The Sparql Crawl Server was developed for the FOAF search engine. It is a Java Web application that crawls a list of URLs containing RDF and executes a SPARQL query on the resulting RDF graphs.

Our tool RDF2RDB konverts RDF data from the Semantic Web into relational databases.

ImageSnippets™ is a Web application for semantic annotation and Digital Asset Management. We participate in the development and have developed the components for disambiguation and semantic search.