We are one of the leading experts for Web crawlers, search engines and semantic technologies. We plan, develop and operate custom solutions for Internet professionals.

Our focus is the field of Information Extraction. We combine manually generated heuristics and machine learning to develop innovative software. The operation of self-owned crawlers and search engines gives us the know-how and data to search the Web systematically.

Information Extraction is the task of automatically extracting structured information from unstructured and/or semi-structured machine-readable documents. In most of the cases this activity concerns processing human language texts by means of natural language processing (NLP). (Source: Wikipedia)

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We crawl the Web for all kind of data – for you

– but only for legitimate and responsible applications.


In service of our customers since 1997

netEstate is a competent and reliable partner for everything online. We offer specialized and custom solutions based on open platforms (open source). Customers of every size trust our expertise and are positive about our comprehensive service and high flexibility.

What our customers say about us

netEstate has been a reliable software development partner for many years. We use the products for address maintenance, market research and more. The foundation for the iBusiness Job market – the biggest job market for agencies and service providers of the digital economy in Germany – is a crawler written and operated for us by netEstate.
Daniel Treplin, iBusiness.de
The expertise of netEstate has contributed significantly to our ImageSnippets™ system. ImageSnippets is a web application for metadata authoring and digital asset management which uses linked open data techniques. netEstate has brought to our system a wide range of knowledge and experience in linked data, semantic web techniques, web server and web knowledge in general. Their solutions for disambiguating the linked open data for entity matching have been innovative and highly successful. They are very easy to work with, open to new ideas, and are always readily available for troubleshooting with smart, helpful solutions.
Margaret Warren, ImageSnippets™
The infrastructure for our webVanilla®cms is hosted with netEstate because they will never let us down. We have Linux systems running since 2005 but still up to date. netEstate manages the configuration and all necessary software and hardware updates.
Markus Rößler, rmh new media GmbH