The BOIL interpreter language

Version 1.4 released (2014-03-17)

BOIL is a simple C-like interpreter-language for Linux that was developed by netEstate in 1998 for special purposes. It was released free of charges under the GPL.

Although we still maintain the code, we do not recommend using BOIL for new projects. There are better alternatives like python.

Some features of BOIL are:

  • Distributed programming with RPC (a BOIL-function can be declared as external and will transparently be executed on a distant ‘BOIL-server’).
  • Accounting and limiting of resources is possible for the whole program or single functions.
  • You can isolate single functions from the rest of the program and disable the use of every library-function. A ‘sandbox-environment’ for the whole program or single functions is easy to implement.
  • Parsing, definition and deletion of functions at runtime is possible.

You can embed BOIL-code in ASCII/HTML and read POST/GET-data into variables. This makes BOIL useable as interpreter for CGI-Skripts. BOIL has support for postgres, msql and mysql databases.

The current Version of BOIL is 1.4 (158k).

You can also download the older Version 1.3 (158k) and 1.2 (130k).

See the Documentation in German or English or the CHANGES file.